Once again, Denver make-up artist, Cynthia Goodberry, and I teamed up for a boudior day at the Magnolia Hotel. Both Miss K and Miss J are getting married this year and have decided to give these photos to their soon-to-be hubbies as wedding presents. I am always so excited to see the woman’s nervousness dissolve mid-shoot and just feel comfortable and confident with her body. Of course I want you to walk away from this experience loving your pictures, but I also want you to walk away feeling awesome and self-empowered.

Miss J’s eyes are to die for – big and expressive – and Miss K’s are too blue for words. Thanks for making my job so easy girls!

denver boudior shoot

laughing woman

black and white boudior photo

sultry eyes boudoir

black and white boudoir portrait

Seventies boudior look

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