What to expect when you’re expecting … to take off your clothes

After you book your session, we’ll chat over the phone or via email to determine where you want to do the shoot. It’s about 50/50 – some women like to do the shoot at their home (or a friend’s), while others decide to rent out a hotel room. Both are great – different styles and totally up to you!

We’ll talk about the style and look you’re going for, as well as how you’d like to show off your images. A small album that he can travel with? A fine art image to hang in your bedroom?

Once you’ve done the shoot, I’ll contact you about 2 weeks later to set up your premiere date. We’ll meet at my studio, watch a slideshow of the images and I’ll help answer any ordering questions.

Depending on what products you ordered, they’ll generally come to my studio in 2-4 weeks. I’ll arrange pick-up or drop them off at your home or office.