It’s ok – you should be nervous to do this! But, honestly, after a glass of champagne and five minutes, you’ll relax and start to have fun. Here are some suggestions.

1. Have your makeup professionally done and wear fake eyelashes. They look so fabulous on and is a must-do in my book. This is why I include a makeup applcation in every package. Not only will you look great, but it’ll give you confidence.

2. Bring a few outfit changes, but don’t stress about it. I’ve had some girls come in with just what they are wearing because they couldn’t sneak out with stuff or else their husbands would see it. They worked it with jeans, a white tee, leather jacket, and bra and undies.

3. Ideas for what to bring: white tank, boy shorts, jeans, cowboy boots, heels, thigh high nylons. Also, think about “props” like, wedding veil, his shirt, pearls, costume jewelry, hat, tie …

4. Have your hair the way you usually do it – just with a little more volume. You want it to look good, but look sexy and slightly messy – kind of like JBF hair (I’ll let you figure out that acronym).

5. Don’t overthink it! Simplicity is best! I promise I’ll guide you in the shoot, we’ll get some awesome shots and you’ll leave feeling like Heidi Klum.